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HydroGuard e700

HydroGuard series e700 combination T/P tempering valves

Series e700 HydroGuard T/P automatically mixes hot and cold water to deliver blended water within a specified range. Using an advanced thermal actuator, the Series e700 quickly compensates for temperature fluctuations induced by water temperature and pressure changes. In the event of cold water failure, the thermostatic motor virtually shuts off the flow of hot water. HydroGuard T/P meets the most stringent performance criteria for temperature and pressure changes, defined by ASSE 1016 (Type T/P). Featuring heavy, cast-brass construction and an adjustable brass to brass high limit temperature stop, self contained cartridge, corrosion resistant internal component, integral checks, and back to back shallow wall installation capability. All parts of the e700 Series valve are accessible from the front of the valve. All Series e700 valves open in the cold water position to ensure maximum bather safety and comfort. The accuracy, reliability and water economy of the Series e700 HydroGuard T/P make it preferable for applications that require precise, consistent water control: showers, baths, hospital hydrotherapy and residential areas. All e700 valves meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).


  • Powerful advanced thermal actuator compensates for both water temperature and pressure fluctuations
  • Meets the stringent performance requirements of ASSE 1016
  • Automatically mixes hot and cold water to deliver blended water at the preset temperature
  • Used in showers, baths, hospital hydrotherapy, and residential areas where precise, consistent water temperature is required

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