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Water is a vital resource that sustains all life on our planet, yet its scarcity and potential dangers cannot be ignored. At Watts, we recognize the critical role our products and solutions play in protecting our precious water resources and the communities that rely on them. For nearly 150 years, we have been a trusted partner to our customers, providing innovative and sustainable products that tackle their most pressing water safety challenges.

Our commitment to sustainability is grounded in three core principles: Safety and Regulation, Water Conservation, and Energy Efficiency. By prioritizing these three elements as a “triple-play” strategy, we are dedicated to creating products that not only ensure the safe and proper management of water but also reduce our impact on the environment.


Product Spotlight

Watts Pressure Reducing Valves avoid the use of 19B+ gallons of water globally per year.
In 2022, our AERCO high-efficiency gas fired boilers and water heaters helped our customers avoid an estimated 104,000 Metric Tons of CO2
The Big Bubba® BB-S101 Whole Home Filtration System filters out PFOA/PFAS, certain metal contaminants, chlorine, and cysts from water at its point-of-entry into a home.

"Triple Play" of Sustainability

We are proud to offer solutions that prioritize the protection of our planet, our resources, and the people we share them with. As we look toward a more sustainable future, we remain committed to ensuring that our products continue to meet the evolving needs of our customers through our “triple play” of sustainability:

Safety & Regulation

These products ensure the health and safety of inhabitants of homes and commercial buildings. Products include our backflow preventers that keep potable water safe for consumption in the U.S. and Europe, where codes now require them.
Our Safety & Regulation Products

Water Conservation

These products help our customers conserve water and reduce waste in different ways: they alert them to leaks and floods to prevent water wasted and contamination in the municipal water supply.
Our Water Conservation Products

Energy Efficiency

These products help our customers improve the efficiency and sustainability of their buildings with finite control of the thermostat, reducing fluctuations in heating, and making water flow more efficient while providing comfort and safety.
Our Energy Efficiency Products
Life Cycle Assessment Illustration

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

To prioritize sustainability, Watts is committed to evaluating and understanding the environmental impact of our products at every stage of their life cycle. We continuously strive to exceed the ecological responsibility of our offerings, and our Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) capabilities play a crucial role in this regard. Our LCA methodology adheres to ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 guidelines, and we have already conducted an LCA on our Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) product family.

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Products designed for long life

Products Designed for Long Life

Watts has a longstanding tradition of developing products with extended lifespans. This enables us to maximize our use of raw materials while offering customers longer-lasting solutions that require fewer replacements and disposals. To achieve this, we focus on creating robust products that are designed for reusability, repairability, and recyclability.

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Product Sustainability

Began implementing product Life Cycle Assessments in 2022

1M+ repair kits sold to extend useful life of Watts products

80% reduction in use of plastics and chemicals for protective packaging since 2017
Healthcare solutions

LEED Certification

Watts produces a diverse range of eco-friendly products that aim to help customers reduce their environmental impact, support sustainability efforts, and promote the construction of green buildings. LEED® (Leadership for Energy and Environmental Design™) is the most widely used rating system for green buildings, offering a comprehensive approach to addressing critical issues related to climate change, human health, community support, and resilience in a constantly changing world. Our LEED product guide focuses on the latest version, LEED version 4.1, and suggests potential Watts products that can be combined with other materials and products to help building projects earn credits toward LEED certification. This approach provides an opportunity to encourage more sustainable practices within the construction industry and promote a more environmentally friendly future.

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BLÜCHER Leading the Charge

BLÜCHER, one member of the Watts family, is an industry-leader in sustainability focused practices. Their approach involves designing products that use sustainable materials, prioritizing circularity, and emphasizing transparency in their production.

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Watts Blue Packaging

Packaging Sustainability

Since 2017, the Watts Global Sourcing Team has been conducting thorough audits of our packaging practices. As a result, we have reduced our use of plastic and chemical protective packaging materials by over 80%. In 2022, more than 90% of all packaging boxes shipped to customers in the Americas were created using a high percentage of post-consumer recycled content, with crates constructed from low-grade, non-consumer wood.

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