What’s this Coating on my Valve?

Your valve has been coated with ArmorTek®, a patented, proprietary 3-part system that provides unparalleled protection against microbiologically induced corrosion (MIC). ArmorTek® has been protecting backflow preventers for years and is now standard on select ACVs/PRVs. How tough is an ArmorTek-coated ACV? We stand behind it with an 8-year MIC Warranty.

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What Causes Microbiologically Induced Corrosion (MIC)?

Several factors can contribute to a corrosive environment. One of the most challenging forms of corrosion is MIC, or Microbiologically Induced Corrosion. MIC, a damaging process where microorganisms, like bacteria and fungi produce corrosive byproducts, is enemy #1. These microorganisms create biofilms on your valve’s surfaces, trapping corrosive substances and promoting localized corrosion. Over time, MIC weakens your valve, leading to leaks, poor performance, and potential failure. MIC poses a significant threat to ACVs/PRVs and backflow preventers and can compromise their reliability and functionality.

The best way to deal with MIC? Avoid it with ArmorTek®

Field-proven Protection

These images were taken in the same municipality where chlorine levels were low, and MIC activity was high.


Standard Coating

In just 14 months post-install, this competitor’s valve is covered in tubercles and experiencing extensive corrosion.

ArmorTek® Coating

After 16 months installed in the same municipality, this ArmorTek® valve is experiencing little to no corrosion. Limited corrosion resulting from a breach in coating is completely contained and has not spread.

Why ArmorTek®?

MIC is a leading killer of valves. ArmorTek® is a patented, triple-layer advanced coating system that helps defend against corrosion, extending the life of your ACV/PRV or backflow preventer.



Electrochemical inhibitor defends iron substrate in the event of exposure from wear or impact

Microbial Inhibitor

Prevents the growth of MIC and the tubercles that clog and foul equipment


Epoxy polyester bonds to the primer forming a durable barrier

Where do Corroded Valves Go?

A corroded valve that’s filled with pinholes and fouled by tubercles can’t be repaired or recycled, which means it will end up in a landfill. Valves coated with ArmorTek® not only can be repaired, but at the end of their lifespan can be salvaged and reprocessed into new items, reducing waste and environmental impact.


How it Works

Spec and buy your normal valve, it arrives with ArmorTek® coating
Install as usual
Enjoy reliable corrosion protection that will protect your valve and extend its lifespan

*ArmorTek coating is applied to select ACVs/PRVs and backflow preventers at our U.S.-based factory

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