Temper Water. Not Expectations.

Delivering precisely tempered water throughout an entire facility is critical, but traditional thermostatic mixing platforms make it challenging. IntelliStation 2 revolutionizes the way we supply water to our buildings. With superior temperature control, the IntelliStation 2 can be pre-piped to meet the unique requirements of each water system it occupies. Users are empowered with remote insight and control, ensuring 24/7 scalding and waterborne bacteria protections. Meet the next generation of digital mixing.

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Ideal for Any Building Where Safe Water is a Must-Have


Quick and Easy Install

Factory preassembled and pretested, IntelliStation 2’s touchscreen display enables straightforward on-site commissioning without laptops or special software.


Consistent Temps

+/- 2°F In high and low demand

Works with Nexa

For more insight & control

Pre-Piped Options

For your unique needs

See How Much You Can Save

Find out how much money you could save by switching from a thermostatic mixing valve to IntelliStation 2. Our calculator allows you to compare against a range of TMV systems, with or without temperature setback options.

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Unprecedented Insight, Precise Control, and Easier than Ever to Use

IntelliStation 2 performance data can be viewed from anywhere and tracked over time for trends that can help optimize your system and anticipate issues. Able to be monitored and remotely controlled via Nexa or your BMS, IntelliStation 2 doesn’t require a laptop, factory preprogramming, or special software when commissioning or making adjustments.

The ONLY Digital Mixing Solution with a 5-year Warranty

Extend your standard warranty from 18 months up to 5 years by creating a free Nexa Equipment account and registering your IntelliStation 2. Nexa Equipment provides real-time and historical performance data, equipment health alerts, and remote monitoring & control.

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Enjoy easy, non-disruptive install and reliable water tempering
Use the unprecedented performance insight Nexa provides to optimize your system

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