Ames Deringer™

Ready for something different? Try Ames Deringer™ backflow assemblies—the smallest, lightest, and only all stainless steel backflow in the industry. Boasting the shortest lay length and lightest weight for cost-effective installation and shipping, Deringer provides superior corrosion resistance and minimal head loss to ensure maximum possible water pressure after the backflow preventer. Lighten up with Ames Deringer.
  • Short lay length for simple and cost-effective installation
  • Light weight for trouble-free purchase, shipping, and installation
  • Superior check design ensures low head loss during low- and high-flow operations

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It's All in the Tech

Deringer dual action check module side.

Dual-action™ Check Modules

The core technology behind Deringer’s superior performance; the patented Dual-action™ check combines all the best features of industry standard poppet checks and swing checks into a single high-performance check module.

• Poppet action during low-flow to resist fouling and provide reliable sealing
• Swing action during high-flow for minimal pressure loss
• Modular for easy removal of complete check from body
• Easily disconnect spring tension for safe check servicing
• Replaceable silicone rubber elastomer disk

Deringer true seal check module.

True-seal™ Check Modules

Designed to incorporate a poppet only motion during the check stroke, the True-seal™ check valve allows a more consistent pressure loss across the check valve which helps maintain a steady and continual closure of the Relief Valve.

Deringer backflow valve bow seal.

Bow-seal™ Full Access Cover

The patented Bow-seal™ full access cover is preformed to cylindrical shape; making it friendly to high fluid pressure. This allows the cover to be much thinner and lighter than traditional flat covers while still providing full and easy access to Dual-action™ check modules.

• Simple removal
• No sliding seals
• Full access to valve internals
• No cumbersome and heavy couplings

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