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Grow your business and save on system design with OneFlow, the environmentally-friendly, virtually maintenance free scale-fighting solution designed to protect your customer’s pipes, valves, fixtures, and water heating appliances from scale caused by hard water. Backed by years of successful use in applications ranging from residential and food service to light industrial and institutional, independent, scientific testing has confirmed that OneFlow Media technology provides scale reduction over 95+%.

Head-to-Head – OneFlow Anti-Scale Media vs Ion Exchange Resin

The Difference in System Design Costs Couldn’t Be Clearer

Watts OneFlow Scale Control Media

System Featuring OneFlow Media

Inlet + Outlet Piping
Watts OneFlow Scale Control Media

Traditional Water Softener

Inlet + Outlet Piping
Control Valve
Brine Tank
Salt Bags/Pellets
Water Waste Drain Line
Electrical Connection

Powered by MAC Technology

Discover the power of Media Assisted Crystallization (MAC) technology, the scale-fighting force inside OneFlow Media.

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