CLX Online Residual Oxidant and Chlorine Analyzer

Never Question the Reliability of Your Chlorine Analyzer Results Again

When it comes to deciding on a chlorine monitor, nothing is more important than accuracy and reliability. The CLX™ Chlorine Analyzer is manufactured with these factors front of mind! That means fewer moving parts, simple fluidics, and measurement technology suitable for a wide range of applications. Featuring an innovative cuvette design and user selectable features, the CLX™ allows for 30-days of unattended, uninterrupted operation for lower total operating and maintenance costs. With the CLX™, your water treatment plant can enjoy easy, online analysis with reliable results you can trust.

Precisely measure chlorine and residual oxidant levels
Flawless, hands-off function for 30 days at a time
Flow-through cuvette design for fast and easy sample chamber cleaning
Lower cost total cost of ownership compared to leading competitors

Accurate & Reliable Readings at a Fraction of the Cost


Colorimetric DPD chemistry accurately measures free or total residual chlorine


Removable sample cuvette for easy cleaning and maintenance


Low volume reagent use for lower operating costs


CE, UL, CSA (ETL, ETLc) certified

Partnering in Water Quality: Rock-Solid Reliable Chlorine Monitoring

Discover why the Sand Springs Water Treatment Plant trusts a full suite of HF scientific machines, including eight CLX Chlorine Analyzers, to service nearly 30,000 customers.


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