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The IntelliStation® Family

Controlling and monitoring your water circulation loop should be simple, safe, and sanitary. Intuitive and connected, the Powers IntelliStation is the foundation of safe and efficient tempered water recirculation—without the complexity of other digital systems. The IntelliStation Jr. is the smart mixing valve that keeps you covered and connected through the native BACnet and Modbus protocols and provides temperature setback capabilities to conserve energy and cost.


  • Configurable on location. Does not require factory pre-programming, lap top or special software
  • Settings can be adjusted/monitored at the controller or remotely through BAS (Building Automation System)
  • User programmable high-temperature sanitization mode


The smart way to deliver mixed water throughout a hot water recirculation loop, IntelliStation® can be integrated in a building automation system (BAS) to allow facilities managers to remotely monitor and control water temperatures.

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IntelliStation to the Rescue

Digital mixing boosts guest satisfaction as late arrivers and early risers push the limits of the hotel’s hot water heaters and plumbing systems.

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The IntelliStation® Digital Water Mixing System

POWERS IntelliStation® Startup

On-Demand Webinar: Digital Mixing for Safer and More Efficient Hot Water Delivery

IntelliStation® Jr.

Password protected and configurable on-site, IntelliStation® Jr. is easy to install and does not require factory pre-programming, a laptop, or special software to download for commissioning or when making adjustments to the valve.

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Digital Water Mixing and Recirculation for Commercial and Institutional Facilities

IntelliStation Jr.

Digital Mixing Valve