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LavSafe™ Thermostatic Faucets


Simple and Certain Thermostatic Faucets

Thousands of people are scalded each year, with most burns occurring in washrooms. Installing faucets with the most effective state-of-the-art water-tempering technology can help reduce potential liability. LavSafe™ offers the easiest way to meet strict plumbing codes and standards like ASSE 1070, without requiring a separate thermostatic valve. With fewer parts and fewer leak points, you'll save on installation time, inventory, and you'll notice fewer callbacks for maintenance.


  • Eliminates installation of under-the-counter thermostatic valve
  • Advance Thermal Actuator quickly compensates for pressure and temperature fluctuations
  • Mixes hot and cold water to deliver tempered water within specified range

The Inside Story

  • Safe
  • Simple
  • Stylish
  • Smart



Series 1070, P1070

LavSafe™ Thermostatic Faucets

3/8 in. inlet

Featuring an advanced thermal actuator to provide the latest in thermal protection, this single-lever cartridge, with integral ceramic discs, provides both temperature and volume control.


Series G1070, GP1070

LavSafe™ Thermostatic Gooseneck Faucets

3/8 in. inlet

Offering the same protection and compliance as the series 1070, the sleek contemporary gooseneck style is ideal for commercial and institutional facilities.

Scalding and Thermal Shock

Medical statistics reveal that scalding caused by hot water is the leading cause of severe burn injuries in the United States. Children under the age of five, the elderly, and people with mental and physical disabilities are more susceptible to scalding.

Thermal shock, on the other hand, is the physical reaction of a person to a rapid and uncomfortable change in water temperature-- whether hotter or colder. The danger of thermal shock lies within the individual’s sudden movement away from the water coming from the shower, which could cause a fall and/or serious injury.

Causes of Thermal Shock

  • Seasonal temperature changes in water supply
  • Improper adjustment of upstream master tempering valve
  • Failure of upstream tempering valve
  • Plumbing that is lacking temperature control devices
  • Improper plumbing maintenance or lack of maintenance
  • System pressure fluctuations, i.e. changing demand such as toilet flushing
  • Boiler/hot water heater malfunction
  • Improper valve selection (oversized) and/or hot water recirculation design

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