National Backflow Prevention Day 8/16

Embracing Innovation to Safeguard Our Most Precious Resource

Since 2021, August 16th has marked National Backflow Prevention Day. On this day, we celebrate the technologies and professionals that protect the safety and quality of our potable water supply. This year, we’re shining the spotlight on the evolution of backflow prevention technology. Embracing advanced backflow prevention technologies is not just about compliance with backflow codes and regulations; it's about safeguarding our communities and ensuring the purity of our water supply for generations to come – together.

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In honor of the holiday, industry professionals are invited all month long (Aug 1 – 31) to refresh their knowledge and earn tickets and tokens on dozens of select Backflow Prevention eLearning modules – even on previously completed modules. Complete 24 modules during the campaign period and receive a FREE 360° rechargeable worklight as a token of our appreciation.

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Elevate your career with our ASPE-accredited CEU webinar, “Mastering Backflow Prevention: Cutting- Edge Solutions and Benefits”. In this webinar, you’ll come to understand the causes and types of backflow, examine backflow-related water management challenges, explore new solutions for improved backflow performance, and more! Register now and we’ll see you on August 16 at 12:00 PM EST!

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The First Backflow Incident

It was the summer of 1933. Visitors traveled from far and wide to Chicago for the World’s Fair. A water supply was shared by two major hotels that were filled to capacity with tourists. Unaware of the dangerous cross connections in their plumbing system, the two hotels unknowingly allowed amoebic dysentery to spread prolitically throughout their rooms, contaminating the water consumed by their guests.

200 people became severely ill, and 98 of them ultimately lost their lives. This tragic story continues to be a driving factor in backflow innovation. As we engineer each new generation of valve, and each new connected feature, we remember that backflow prevention, at the heart of it, saves lives.

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Catch up on best practices in backflow prevention with useful ebooks, online training, and much more at Backflow Hub, your online resource for everything backflow.

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The Watts Family of Brands

For nearly 150 years, Watts has been trusted to innovate solutions on behalf of our customers. Our brands offer a variety of high-quality backflow prevention technologies that protect our potable water supply. Our solutions help our customers prioritize safety, durability, and compliance.


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