San Antonio Makes Waves at Headwaters Sanctuary

Watts San Antonio employees participating in volunteer clean up program.
Employees cleaned up over 1.2 acres of invasive species, removing over 800 lbs. of brush during the 3 hour event.

San AntonioTXUSA - A team of volunteers from Watts recently partnered with the Headwaters Sanctuary Organization for a volunteer event as part of the site's Water Stewardship Verified Program.

Headwaters Sanctuary Organization's mission is to preserve and remediate the biodiversity richness of zoological and vegetational species located at the sanctuary which, in turn, increases the overall water integrity of the San Antonio River. 

Fifteen volunteers worked to clear a large swath of the Sanctuary, which is located on a 53-acre property near the University of the Incarnate Word campus. Remediation activities included brush removal, spreading mulch on the property's new garden, and removal of invasive vegetation species.

In total, plant volunteers removed 1.2-acres of invasive species, enhanced the mulch on a 12-foot slope and removed roughly 800 lbs. of brush during the three-hour event.

The organization's director, Pamela Ball, expressed her deepest gratitude for the hard work and dedication of the volunteers,

We have not had a turn out where this much work was done in many months, so thank you so much," she said.

San Antonio working to organize an ongoing partnership with the Headwater Sanctuary to complete additional volunteer work that will contribute to the Water Stewardship Program.

The Water Stewardship Verified Program, or WAVE, focuses on improving water management by assessing the highest impacts on water supply. Learn more about WAVE.


Employees meeting with Headwater staff to discuss the plan. 


Watts employees cleaning up a section of the Sanctuary's walking paths.

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