Watts Leaders Build Prosthetic Hands and Camaraderie

Collage of Watts employees celebrating Build-A-Hand meeting

During a recent leadership conference, Watts colleagues from around the world came together to discuss business, form connections and create a positive impact.

At the end of the three-day event, Watts worked with Odyssey Teams to facilitate a special "Build-a-Hand" session in which employees worked together to assemble prosthetic limbs for those in need. Often expensive and inaccessible, these constructed devices are donated to people with amputations who cannot afford the device on their own.

To promote collaboration, empathy and understanding of what it is like to live with a physical disability, participants were instructed to cover one hand and work to assemble the pieces with the other.

"I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to build relationships in person, and to contribute to something that directly helps people,” said an employee who attended the conference. “To this day, every time I flex my hand, I think about how lucky I am to have my physical health, and how we need to be considerate toward others who may not."
The groups also decorated the cases, signing names, drawing positive symbols like hearts and rainbows and leaving messages of strength and hope for the recipients.

Check out the video here to witness the assembly process and the positive impact the session had on many people. 

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