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PVS-1000 Watts

Pre-Engineered Valve Stations

Series PVS-1000 Pre-Engineered Valve Stations are used in commercial and industrial applications to provide uninterrupted flow, maximum flow performance, a reduction in number of components, extension of station life, ease of maintenance, and quality and craftsmanship in custom water flow control systems. They consists of any combination of integral backflow prevention devices, meters, pressure regulators, automatic control valves, strainers, headers, shutoff valves, and instrumentation as needed to suit specific applications. The components are assembled from proven, reliable Watts components to meet exacting project application requirements. Series PVS-1000 are factory pre-assembled, tested, and optionally certified by independent agencies to ensure flow performance for critical building demands. It is ideal for use in hospitals, restaurants, schools, industrial facilities, multi-family dwellings, and other similar buildings.


  • Wide flow control ranges meet standard and emergency peak flow requirements
  • Uninterrupted water flow during maintenance and emergency conditions
  • Standard flow designs to > 10,000 gpm
  • Maximum flow performance with low pressure drops

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Approval Information

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