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CSM-91 Watts

Flow Measurement/Balancing Valves

Series CSM-91 Flow Measurement Valves monitor system flow in medium to high flow rate HVAC units providing a highly accurate flow measurement. It consists of a ductile iron body construction, pressure differential readout ports on both sides of the valve, two interchangeable brass metering ports and drain ports on both sides of the valve, two check valves with gasketed caps, bronze valve stem and plug disc, multi-turn adjustment handwheel, tamper-proof brass memory stop, positive shutoff, and grooved end connections with optional flange adapter. Series CSM-91 is ideal in water units such as pump packages and cooling towers.


  • Maximum control with the multi-turn adjustment
  • Micrometer type handwheel adjustment is readable from a distance
  • Can be changed from straight pattern to angle pattern in the field
  • Designed for ease of installation and servicing

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