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N170-M2-HT Watts


Hot Water Extender Tempering Valves with High Temperature Resisting Disc for Commercial Installations

Series N170-M2-HT, N170L-M2-HT Hot Water Extender Tempering Valves are used in commercial and industrial applications to mix cold and hot water to extend capacity of water heater, storage tanks and hot water boiler tankless heaters. It features bronze body construction with threaded connections, high temperature resisting Teflon disc for steam heat exchanger operation, and copper thermostat assembly. Series N170-M2-HT, N170L-M2-HT features a double thermostat design that combines two thermostats in one to provide response to changes in water temperature passing through the mixing chamber. Series N170-M2-HT temperature range: 130°F to 180°F. Series N170L-M2-HT temperature range: 100°F to 130°F. Maximum Pressure: 150psi (10 bar).

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