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Sizes: 1/2″ ‒ 2″ (15 ‒ 50mm) Lead Free* High Performance Water Pressure Reducing Valves

Series LFU5B-Z3 Lead Free* High Performance Water Pressure Reducing Valves are used in commercial, industrial, and institutional applications to reduce incoming water pressure to a predetermined level, thereby protecting downstream plumbing system components and reducing water consumption. Designed for easy accessibility and serviceability without removing the valve from the line. Available with threaded, solder, or quick-connect end connections. Standard pressure setting is 50psi with an adjustable range of 25 ‒ 75psi (172 ‒ 517 kPa).


  • Sealed spring cage for accessible outdoor or pit applications
  • Designed for easy in-line servicing; has replaceable seat module
  • Integral stainless steel strainer and optional bypass feature that controls thermal expansion pressure
  • For water supply pressures up to 300psi

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