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5300A Watts

By-Pass Control Relief Valves

Series 5300A By-Pass Control Relief Valves are used in commercial, residential, and industrial applications to regulate liquid pressure as supplied by a positive pressure pump. These poppet-type compact valves protect equipment by opening at the desired setting to allow excess volume to be by-passed back to the source. Series 5300A consists of a bronze body construction with NPT threaded male inlet and NPT threaded female outlet, Teflon disc, spring and adjustment handle, and a tee handle. Pressure Range: 0 to 250psi (0 to 17.23 bar).


  • Easy-to-operate tee handle facilitates pressure change
  • Poppet-type compact valve protects equipment by allowing excess volume to be by-passed back to the source
  • Non-sticking Teflon disc assures positive shutoff
  • Bronze body construction for superior strength and corrosion resistance

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