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LFFBV-4B Watts


Lead Free* 2-Piece, Full Port, Brass Ball Valves

Series LFFBV-4B, LFFBVS-4B 2-Piece, Full Port, Brass Ball Valves are suitable for a full range of liquids and gases in residential and commercial applications. These valves feature an adjustable packing for longer service life, a bottom loaded blow-out proof stem for safety, a fluorocarbon elastomer stem O-ring to prevent stem leaking at installation. Lead Free* construction complies with Lead Free* installation requirements. Rated to 600psi WOG and 150psi WSP for 1/4 in. – 2 in. (8 – 50mm) and 400psi WOG and 125psi WSP for 2 1/2 in. – 3 in. (65 – 80mm).

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