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HCTA-200 Watts

Metered Demand Duplex Alternating Water Softeners for Hardness Reduction (3-20 Cu. Ft.), Pipe Size: 2 IN

Series HCTA-200 Metered Demand Simplex Water Softeners for Hardness Reduction have 2 in. (50mm) connection size; 90,000 to 600,000 grain capacities and flow rates up to 105 gpm. Models: M4043TA-29NT, M4047TA-29NT, M4048TA-29NT, M4052TA-29NT, M4058TA-29NT, M4059TA-29NT, and M4060TA-29NT.


  • Durable, 2-in. brass control valve operates on command from the electronic valve controller
  • Digital electronic controls store operating history that can be accessed by user
  • Highly efficient, cation exchange water softeners
  • Up to 600,00 grains of hardness removal capacity at flow rates up to 105 gpm (397 lpm)

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