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Space saver 30K Cabinet - Whole house water softening systems

PWSCAB30K Space saver 30K Cabinet is a whole house water softening system manufactured using only the finest materials and processes. Its unique, space-saving low profile design installs under a sink or in limited space, is ergonomically engineered for easy salt fill and storage capacity, and holds 170 pounds of salt. The high-capacity, premium softening media assures maximum efficiency for hardness and clear water iron reduction, and the exclusive distribution system assures maximum contact with the media. There is also a built-in self-cleaning media for sediment and dirt reduction. You can set the electronic control with one button, and it regenerates based on water used. The system comes with a unique safety valve that eliminates overflow. Ultra-safe 12 volt system means you don't have to worry about electrical wiring. Connection Size: 1" (25mm). Flow Rate: Up to 10 gpm (37.8 lpm).


  • Cation exchange type of water softener with unique, space-design design
  • Premium softening media Is highly efficient for producing clear, softened water
  • Easy to fill, and holds up to 170 pounds of salt
  • Self-cleaning media removes dirt and sediment from water

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