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ProSense Watts

Water Softeners with ProSense Valves

ProSense Twin Series water softening systems combine the high efficiency advantages of a twin alternating unit with the benefits of having water quality sensors. As the resin bed exhausts, two sensors monitor its exhaustion rate. At the same time, the turbine meter in the control valve is feeding water volume data into the controller. The controller compares the exhaustion rate against the water volume used and, at each regeneration cycle, recalculates the water hardness value in the programming. Combining a meter with resin exhaustion sensor technology, ProSense series water softeners solve the efficiency issues created by changing water hardness.


  • Precise, microprocessor based controls with advanced sensors that respond to changing water conditions, protect water quality, and conserve resources
  • Twin alternating tanks for constant conditioning without interruption
  • Upflow regeneration eliminates resin bed compaction and improves efficiency
  • ProSense system design delivers consistent performance while saving regenerant and water

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