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AC Activated Carbon Watts

Automatic Backwashing Carbon Filters for Chlorine, Taste and Odor Reduction (3-35 Cu. Ft.), Pipe Size: 1-3 IN

Series AC Activated Carbon Filters are time clock demand backwashing carbon filters for chlorine reduction. They are available from 1 in. (25mm) to 3 in. (80mm) connection sizes, with 3 cu. ft. to 35 cu. ft. media bed volumes, and flow rates up to 129.5 GPM. Models: N2056-275N, N2058-285NT, N2059-285NT, N2332-315NT, N2333-315NT, N4112-39NT, N4114-39NT, and N4116-39NT.


  • Precision motor-driven control valve performs well under toughest conditions
  • Electronic controller makes it easy to set the lengths of backwash and rinse steps and the frequency of regeneration
  • Activated carbon media is made from select grades of coconut shell charcoal for long, dependable filtration life
  • Contains granular activated carbon to neutralize chlorine and remove organic compounds from water that cause unpleasant taste and odor

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