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Whole House Acidic Water Neutralizing Systems

Series PWFCAL Whole House Carbon System is an acid neutralizing system designed for residential applications with intermittent flow rates up to 21 gallons per minute. It stops the corrosion of metal components and fixtures within a plumbing system by neutralizing the acidic nature of supply water that has a pH of less than 7. Periodic backwashing of the media bed cleans it of captured impurities. Connection Size: 1 in (25mm) Flow Rate: up to 21 gpm (79 lpm)


  • Stops corrosion of metal plumbing components and fixtures and helps eliminate green stains in tubs, toilets and sinks caused by copper deposits
  • Dome hole access port on top for easy checking and replacement of filtration media
  • Increases the pH of acidic water and improves water taste
  • Automatic operation with little maintenance required

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