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Structural Fiberglass Mineral Tanks Watts

Full line of Structural Tanks

Full line of fiberglass wound, ABS or polyethylene lined mineral tanks. Pressure rating of 150 psi. Maximum Temperature 120F. Models: C1049 6x13 C1050 6x18 C1051 6x18 C1052-1 6x35 C1062-1 8x40 C1066 8x44 C1066-B 8x44 C1084 9x48 C1084-B 9x48 C1084-1 9x48 C1092 10x54 C1092-B 10x54 C1094X 15x52 C1094X-1 12x52 C1095A 13x54 C1095B 13x54 C1095-2.5 13x54 C1098 14x65 C1099 16x65 C1030 21x62 C1031 24x72 C1036A 24x72 C1036 24x72 C1037 30x72 C1037A 30x72 C1038 36x72 C1038A 36x72 C1040 48x72


  • Full line of durable mineral tanks
  • Pressure rating up to 1250 psi; maximum temp rating 120°F
  • More than 25 different capacities and dimensions available
  • Fiberglass-wound, polyethylene or ABS-lined tanks for storeing minerals

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