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CO-204-RX Watts

Part of the CO-200-RX Series

Ordering Code: CO-204-RX

UPC: 098268029581

Adjustable Floor Cleanout, 5 IN Round Nickel Bronze Top, 4 IN Pipe, Gas Tight Gasketed Brass Plug, No Hub Outlet, XHD Load Rating

This epoxy-coated, cast iron cleanout is designed for floor applications. It features a 5 inch round, adjustable, gasketed, heavy duty nickel bronze top and removeable, gas-tight, gasketed, brass cleanout plug and no hub connection for a 4 inch pipe. This item carries an Extra Heavy Duty load rating and can be purchased as BAA compliant. Membrane clamp, vandal proof and galvanized body options are also available.

Product Features

  • Cast Iron Body
  • Adjustable Top
  • No Hub
  • XHD Load Rating