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LFF127-11 Watts

One-Way Flow Altitude Valve with Delayed Opening

Series LFF127-11, LFF1127-11 One Way Flow Altitude Valve with Delayed Opening Feature is designed to open, allowing flow into a reservoir or elevated storage tank (tank fill), and close drip tight when high water level is achieved. It controls water level by remotely sensing static tank head pressure through a field installed sensing line, and opens when the water level is below the adjustable setpoint and closes drip tight when the level is above the adjustable setpoint. The valve also has an adjustable delayed opening feature, allowing a calculated draw-down of water level, before opening for tank fill operation to increase water circulation through the tank.


  • Allows flow into a reservoir or elevated storage tank
  • Water level is controlled by a field installed sensing line
  • Allows a calculated "draw-down" of water level to increase tank circulation
  • Body and cover are constructed of strong and durable ductile iron (ASTM A536)

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