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Pressure Reducing Pilot

263RS Series is a remote sensed, direct acting, diaphragm actuated Pilot that is used on various configurations of Automatic Control Valves. It is normally held open by the force of the adjustable spring setting above the diaphragm. The Pilot modulates towards a closed position when remotely sensed pressure exceeds the spring setpoint, and modulates towards an open position when the remotely sensed pressure falls below the spring setpoint. Turning the adjustment screw clockwise raises the control setpoint. Turning the adjustment screw counterclockwise lowers the control setpoint. Series 263RS is equipped with 1/2" NPT inlet and outlet ports and a 1/4 in NPT side sensing port. The 1/4 in NPT side sensing port is used to monitor upstream or downstream pressure as required by specific valve function.


  • 1/2 in. NPT inlet and outlet ports and one side 1/4 in. side sensing port
  • Automatically reduces a higher upstream (inlet) pressure to a constant downstream (outlet) pressure
  • When installed in the piping circuit of an Automatic Control Valve, its throttling action causes the Main Valve to throttle open or closed accordingly
  • Valve outlet pressure can be adjusted with the top-mounted screw

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