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Field Testable Hose Connection Backflow Preventer

Series LFN9-CD is designed to prevent high hazard backsiphonage backflow and low-head backpressure (10ft. or less) from contaminating the potable water supply. The LFN9-CD is ideally suited to prevent backflow associated with hose connections and may be screwed directly to the sill cock, yard hydrant or wall hydrant. Typical installations include service sinks, chemical dispensers, sill cocks, and frostproof hydrants. Maximum Working Pressure: 125psi (8.6 bar).


  • Manually drainable for freeze protection
  • Streamlined design for low pressure drop
  • Durable brass body with stainless steel checks for corrosion resistance
  • Non-removable design eliminates need for break-away set screw

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