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Class 125 Cast Iron Globe Check Style Foot Valve Assembly

Series 105MAP-FV Class 125 Cast Iron Globe Check Style Foot Valve Assemblies are designed for use at the intake side of a suction pipe and pump. The check valve opens when the pump is started, allowing liquid to enter the suction pipe and prime the pump. It closes as the pump stops and before a reverse flow condition develops. The prime to the pump is therefore maintained, eliminating the need to prime the pump each time it is started. Built-in strainer removes unwanted debris for the intake, protecting the pump from damage.


  • Disc begins to open at 0.5 psi (34.5 kPa), and opens 1/3 inch per inch of line size for enhanced flow
  • Globe body design provides greatest flow capacity in a foot valve
  • Strainer protects pump from damage
  • Disc is fully guided at top and bottom to ensure alignment and sealing at any installation angle

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