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Sizes: 3/4″ ‒ 1″ (20 ‒ 25mm) Lead Free* FloodSafe® Water Detector Shutoff Valves

Lead Free* FloodSafe® Water Detector Shutoff Valves are used in commercial and residential applications to detect presence of water on floor or in drain pan beneath a water heater, thereby protecting homes and businesses from damage due to a water heater leak. Requiring no special piping, the leak detection safety valves automatically shut off both water supply and power source to the water heater, and they provide visual and audible alerts. Maximum pressure setting is 150psi and maximum electric water heater current rating is 30A.

NOTE: The LFWDS is not compatible with the Bradford White™ Icon System™ made by Honeywell®

Bradford White™ and Icon System™ are trademarks owned by the Bradford White Corporation while Honeywell® is a trademark owned by Honeywell International, Inc.


  • Water dam included for concrete, linoleum, tile, or other hard surfaces
  • Contacts included for connection to monitored alarm detection systems
  • Advanced water detection technology with no terminals to corrode
  • Easily reset or tested by contractor, building owner, or plumbing inspector

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