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AquaSentry 2 LF460

AquaSentry 2 temperature alarm system

Monitors for high or low temperature conditions. The system utilizes an accurate solid state temperature sensor and microprocessor-based digital circuitry to sense and report abnormal temperature conditions. Standard sensing range is -40°F to 199°F or -40°C to 93°C (switchable). The alarm panel can be mounted remotely and provides both audible and visual indication of alarm condition. With the addition of a solenoid, the alarm can function as an emergency shutdown system. A unique latching circuit is used so that the alarm holds despite a return to normal condition. This feature indicates that a dangerous condition did exist. The alarm can be silenced at any time by pressing the reset key. After the temperature returns to normal, the system can be reset by pressing the reset key twice. The system cannot be reset while the temperature is outside the setpoints. The alarm module can be panel mounted, or installed in a standard 4 x 4 electrical wall box (supplied). Use of the Series LF460 Aqua Sentry II Alarm System, along with a electrically actuated valve, helps assure requirements are met to maintain delivery temperature below (or above) a certain temperature (typical of domestic water systems in health care and nursing facilities).


  • Ideal for monitoring domestic and institutional hot water systems and a variety of high and low limit industrial process conditions
  • Alarm panel can be mounted remotely and provides both audible and visual indications
  • Senses and reports abnormal temperature conditions in an adjustable range of -40°F to 199°F
  • Typical commercial applications include hot water heaters, boilers, sitz baths, shower rooms, and therapeutic services

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