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HydroGuard 447 Infrared

HydroGuard ESP infrared sensor shower for single and multiple shower applications

Utilizes infrared technology to emit an infrared beam into the bathing area. When the bather steps into the invisible infrared field, the sensor sends a signal to the modular junction box, which then transfers the signal to the solenoid, which opens and sends water to the showerhead. The shower will continue to operate as long as the bather stands in front of the sensor, to the maximum shower time. The sensor assembly is housed in a rugged brushed stainless steel plate, which is easily mounted onto the shower wall or can be mounted to a standard size electrical box behind the wall. The sensor also features two field adjustable potentiometers, to allow easy adjustment of sensor sensitivity (from 2 in. to 48 in.) and maximum shower run time (from 0 to 14 minutes). The shower system also features a rugged brass solenoid. All components feature unique modular jack connections, similar to those found on your telephone, to make installation a virtual snap. All showers are supplied complete with the sensor assembly, transformer (plug in or box, as specified), 24 VAC solenoid valve, modular junction box and appropriate mounting hardware.


  • Safe, low voltage system with simple modular jacks is easy to install
  • Clean, touch-free operation and reduced water usage and maintenance costs
  • Shower time is adjustable from 0 to 14 minutes
  • Shower operates only when bather stands in front of the sensor's infrared beam

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