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WPSR08-300B Watts

Part of the WPSR-B Series

Ordering Code: 0651019

UPC: 098268344080

Lead Free: YES

1/2 In X 300 Ft Blue Tubing Stud Reel

This pipe stud reel has 300 feet of 1/2 inch WaterPEX blue pipe wound on a rigid plastic spool. The reel is designed to be mounted between two wooden or steel construction studs for fast, kink-free home-run PEX pipe installations. The pipe can be drawn off of the reel in a continuous run direct from the manifold to the fixture. The HDPE reel is recyclable, and can be easily stacked at the jobsite or in a construction trailer in a compact space. The reels themselves can be shipped via a small-package shipment carrier.

Product Features

  • Job site stackable and color coded
  • Packaged in heavy duty, UV protective plastic sheathe
  • Reel can be mounted between two studs
  • Reel can be reused and recycled
Bend Radius 5 IN
Body Material Cross-Linked Polyethylene
BrandName Watts
Color Blue
Inner Diameter 1/2 IN
LeadFree YES
Maximum Operating Temperature-Fahrenheit 200
ModelNumber WPSR08-300B
Outer Diameter 5/8 IN
Part Number 0651019
Series WPSR-B