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150A Watts

Discontinued - Replaced By: LF150A

Water Hammer Arrestors

Series 150A Water Hammer Arrestors are used in residential applications to control water pressure shock and prevent water hammer conditions. It consists of a pre-charged air chamber that is rechargeable, an air-tight sealing cap, standard tire valve connection for easy charging, stainless steel top, sealed-in diaphragm, lower stainless steel chamber, and brass hex adapter for easy installation. It can be installed in new or existing plumbing systems in any angle. Series 150A is ideal for dishwashers, clothes washers, and quick-closing faucets. Model 150A-HA water hammer arrestor with 3/4 in. hose thread for washing machines and Model 150-HA is just 3/4 in. fitting. Maximum Working Pressure: 150psi (10.3 bar), Maximum Shock Pressure: 200psi (13.8 bar), Maximum Velocity: 10 F.P.S.

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