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Jumper Kits Watts

Temporary By-pass for Water Pressure Reducing Valves

Jumper Kits are used in new construction as a temporary by-pass, prior to the actual installation of a water pressure reducing valve on potable water supply systems. The use of a temporary jumper permits testing of the building piping system for leaks and pressure loss and facilitates pipe flushing prior to the installation of the water pressure reducing valve. On unsecured jobsites, the jumper kit reduces loss from theft or vandalism. Kits consist of union connections, washers, SS strainer, and brass or plastic pipe nipple.


  • Reduce loss from theft or vandalism on unsecured job sites
  • Complete with union connections, washers, brass or plastic pipe nipple with male union threads
  • Includes a stainless steel strainer screen to provide protection from debris downstream of the valve.

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