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Direct Operated Water Pressure Reducing Valves

Series 2300 Direct Operated Water Pressure Reducing Valves are used in commercial and industrial applications to regulate the flow of water to dead-end services where the flow is intermittent and changes rapidly, such as to flushometers and snap cocks, and for locations where city water pressure needs to be reduced to supply plumbing fixtures. They have an iron body construction with stainless steel trim, Hycar composition disc, piston, Hycar diaphragm, tempered steel spring, and a single seat. Series 2300 is self-contained, self-aligning, and in-line serviceable with all internal parts accessible. The pressure-balanced design eliminates water hammer, pressure fluctuations, and pressure creep. It is ideal for use in industrial plants (for washrooms and processing operations), apartment buildings, hotels, office buildings, hospitals, and municipal and plant water mains. Maximum Pressure: 200psi (14 bar), Reduced Pressure Range: 30 to 80psi (207 to 552 kPa).


  • Self-contained design requires no control lines
  • Self-aligning design eliminates dirt collection point because there's no need for a stem guide in the bottom flanges
  • Large pressure plate gives ample diaphragm support for longevity
  • Pressure-balanced design prevents water hammer, pressure fluctuations, and pressure creep

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