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LF127W-208 3

Part of the LF127W Series

Ordering Code: 0125348

UPC: 098268860993

Lead Free: YES

3 In Lead Free High Capacity Water Pressure Adjustable Reducing Valve, 25-100 psi, Model 208

This 3 inch lead free high capacity water pressure reducing valve is used in commercial and industrial applications to reduce incoming water pressure for protection of plumbing system components and reduce water consumption. It features a triple coated corrosion preventative iron body, NPT threaded inlet and outlet connections, replaceable disc, interchangeable 8 inch diaphragm chamber, #2 spring, replaceable stainless steel seat, and stainless steel stem. The maximum working pressure is 175 psi (12.06 bar) and the adjustable reduced pressure range is 25 to 100 psi (1.7 to 7.0 bar). The temperature range is 33 to 160 degrees F (0.5 to 71 degrees C).

Product Features

  • Iron body triple coated with special corrosion preventative materials that is superior to hot dip galvanizing
  • High temperature resisting 8 IN diaphragm
  • Replaceable stainless steel seat
  • Remote control type regulator
Brand Name Watts
EANUCCCode 098268860993
Lead Free YES
Part Number 0125348
Series LF127W