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77SI Watts

Cast Iron, Wye-Pattern Strainers

Series 77SI Cast Iron, Wye-Pattern Strainers feature a wye-pattern, iron body with NPT threaded connections, stainless steel screen, threaded iron retainer cap with non-asbestos gasket and blow-down connection. Series 77SI has machined seat that allows the screen to be self-aligning to assure a perfect fit. Maximum Pressure (non shock): 400psi (27.6 bar) at 150°F (66°C) WOG, 250psi (17.2 bar) at 406°F (208°C) WSP.


  • Machined seat allows self-aligning screen to help ensure a perfect fit
  • Non-asbestos gasket and blow-down connection for greater confidence
  • NPT threaded connection and threaded iron retainer cap for easy installation
  • Cast steel 45° wye-pattern body for efficient flow and long life

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