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AMZ Micro Z

Automatic Backwashing Micro Z Filter Systems for Sediment Reduction (1-40 Cu. Ft.), Pipe Size: 1 IN

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Series AMZ Micro Z (1-40 Cu. Ft.) are time clock demand backwashing Micro Z filters for sediment reduction with 1 in. (25mm) to 3 in. (80mm) connection sizes, 1 cu. ft. to 40 cu. ft. media bed volumes, and flow rates up to 251.2 gpm. Models: N5245-09-275NT, N5245-10-275NT, N5245-12-275NT, N5245-14-285N, N5245-16-285NT, N5245-21-285NT, N5245-24-315NT, N5245-30-315NT, N5245-36-39NT, N5245-42-DVN, and N5245-48-DVN.


  • Suitable for commercial applications for sediment reduction
  • Non-corrosive fiberglass tanks with thermoplastic inner liner
  • User-friendly electronic controller makes it easy to program regeneration frequency and lengths of backwash and rinse steps
  • Highly efficient, porous Micro Z granular miler media reduces backwash waste water volumes and provides higher service flow rates

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