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Whole House Carbon System

Sales Channel: Wholesale

Series PWFGAC Series Whole House Carbon System Filters are activated carbon filters designed for residential and light commercial applications up to 14 gallons per minute. Our activated carbon filters are highly popular because they correct a wide range of water-quality issues by removing chlorine, taste, odors, organic chemicals, and sediment. Activated carbon has been used in the treatment of drinking water for over 2,000 years. It was found that charred wood products aided in improving the quality of drinking water. Connection Size: 1in. (25mm) Flow Rate: up to 14 gpm (53 lpm)


  • High-activity granular activated carbon performs well for removing oxidizing agents such as chlorine from water
  • Automatic operation with little maintenance required
  • Includes one of the most reliable control valve platforms in the industry
  • Filtration media has superior hardness to minimize dust and ensure longevity

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