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Tri-Plex Water Conditioning Systems W100

Tri-Plex Water Conditioning Systems with W100 Valves

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Tri-Plex Water Conditioning Systems W100 Series reduce water hardness, calcium, magnesium, sediment, chlorine, bad tastes, foul odors, heavy metals (KDF), scale, damage to appliances due to scale buildup, spots on dishes and glassware, and soap buildup on shower walls and bath tubs. Other benefits include: soap savings of 50% or more because soap and detergents work better in soft water, softer and brighter laundry, refreshing shower water that won't cause chlorine damage to hair, smoother shave with softened water, and reduced energy costs due to scale elimination.


  • High salt and water efficiency with up-flow brining
  • Extends the life of water softening resin by using activated carbon pretreatment that reduces chlorine
  • Micro Z filter media outperforms sand media for increased particulate removal
  • All-in-one, whole house water treatment includes pre-filter, KDF, activated carbon, and high efficiency iron exchange resin

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