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Single-Stage Lead Filtration System

This 2 GPM under counter high capacity filtration system is certified to remove 99.2 percent of lead from your water.This high flow system also reduces cysts, chlorine, odor, sand, silt, dirt and rust for safer, better tasting water. Connecting to an existing kitchen or bathroom faucet is simple.

The PWDWHCL1 comes with all parts and tubing required for a standard installation. There is no need to drill holes in the countertop for a second faucet as this system connects directly to the cold water supply line. The included 7,900 gallon capacity lead-reduction filter features a Kwik-Change™ quarter-turn connection for easy cartridge replacement.


  • Certified to reduce lead, cysts, chlorine, sediment, taste, and odor
  • System comes complete with fittings & tubing required for a quick and easy standard installation
  • Connects directly to most standard kitchen and bathroom faucets
  • High capacity filter disconnects and connects from the unit by a simple quarter-turn

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