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PWMEM300 Watts

Part of the PWMEM Series

Ordering Code: 7100185

UPC: 098268562668

Lead Free: YES

300 Gpd Commercial Reverse Osmosis Membrane

This commercial reverse osmosis membrane is rated at 300 gallons per day. The spiral wound configuration polyamide material makes this thin film composite membrane 99 1/2 percent efficient in salt rejection. The Temperature rate should not exceed 113 F/45 C and the working water pressure should not be greater than 400 PSI. The pH cleansing range is between 2 and 11. This membrane measures 2 1/2 x 21 inches.

Product Features

  • Rated up to 300 gallons per day
  • Spiral wound configuration
  • Used in commercial applications
  • Polyamide material
BrandName Watts
LeadFree YES
ModelNumber PWMEM300
Part Number 7100185
Series PWMEM