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Kwik-Change Reverse Osmosis Systems

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Series PWROKC4 Kwik-Change Reverse Osmosis System produces up to 60 gallons per day of high-quality water that exceeds the quality of most bottled waters. Kwik-ChangeTM cartridges are the fastest changeable cartridges on the market. 1/4-turn Pivot filter makes for ease of accessibility and filter change, and reduces the amount of tube connections for greater reliability and fewer potential leaks. The proprietary cartridges connect to (and disconnect from) the unit by a simple 1/4 turn. The system features automatic shutoff -- no need to shut off incoming supply when changing filters. The space saving design installs under sink or in limited space. The system's Adapt-A-Valve easily connects to water source for 3/8 compression or 1/2 NPT. Its top mount designer faucet installs top side and provides a 3/8 high-flow water delivery system. The air gap faucet meets local plumbing codes, and additional faucet finishes are available. Comes with 3-gallon water storage holding tank.Flow Rate: Up to 60 gallons per day (227 lpd)


  • Removes harmful contaminants such as arsenic, cysts, nitrate, chromium, and more
  • Flow rate: Up to 60 gallons per day (227 lpd)
  • Automatic shutoff when changing filters
  • Fastest changeable reverse osmosis cartridges on the market

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