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Pleated Filter Cartridges

Pleated Sediment Filter Cartridges

Sales Channel: Wholesale

100% synthetic filter media; color coded end caps indicate micron ratings. Available in 1, 5, 20, and 50 micron nominal rated cartridges; 2-3/4 in. OD and 4-1/2 in. OD; 9-3/4, 20, 29-1/4, 40 in. lengths


  • Choice of 2-3.4 in. and 4-1/2 in. OD; 9-3.4, 20, 29-1/4, and 40 in. lengths
  • 100% synthetic filter media for economy and performance
  • Available in 1-, 5-, 20-, and 50-micron nominal rated cartridges
  • Color coded end caps indicate micron ratings

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