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Pronto!™ Adjustable Floor Drains with Integrated Level


Install floor drains that are level the first time, and every time.

Pronto!™ is the adjustable floor drain with an integrated level that provides maximum efficiency and accuracy during installation.

Pronto! drains:

  • Use an integrated bubble level to aid in leveling.
  • Are completely assembled, ready to install.
  • Include two pre-packaged shims for tilt correction.


Product Overview

Product Installation


Pronto!™ adjustable floor drains are available in two different series of models:

Product Image - FD-190-PR-60


PVC Adjustable Floor Drain with Integrated Level, Reversible Clamping Collar
Product Image - FD-290-PR-60


PVC Adjustable Floor Drain with Integrated Level 

AC Plumbing Gets the Job done Pronto!

The Pronto! floor drain was an essential solution for AC Plumbing, Heating & Mechanical in Cleveland, OH, who needed the flexibility to adjust the level of the floor drain after pouring concrete.


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Zac Wood
AC Plumbing, Heating & Mechanical

The real benefit of the Pronto! floor drain is that the drain can be adjusted twice. The basin can be raised or lowered to match the initial concrete pour, and then the strainer can be adjusted to match the finished floor grade.