What is Backflow and Why Should I Care?

In our modern plumbing systems, there is nothing more vital than backflow prevention. But what exactly is backflow? Backflow is the unwanted reverse flow of fluids, gases, or other substances in a plumbing system due to a backpressure or a backsiphonage situation.

Backflow Basics

Backflow is not only a threat to the health of our community, it can also cause damage to our environment. The EPA recognizes that backflow incidents can cause issues such as corrosion, harmful microbial growth in our distribution systems, taste, odor, and color issues that create distrustful and skeptical consumers.
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Protecting the Safe Water Standard

Water flowing from a faucet, whether commercial or residential, is expected to be clean and safe. As water professionals, we are responsible for maintaining these standards and continuing to provide communities with safe, potable water. Despite our best efforts, there will always be an underlying threat to these safety standards, coming in the form of backflow.

Backflow Education

The Two Types of Backflow

Occurs when downstream water pressure of a non-potable system surpasses the pressure of the water distribution lines containing potable water.
Happens when normal flow is reversed because of negative or subatmospheric pressure in a piping system.

Backflow Education

How Can Backflow Be Prevented?

Local plumbing codes developed and enforced by organizations like municipalities, water purveyors, and plumbing inspectors are the key safeguards against backflow dangers. Municipalities provide the expertise in backflow prevention by viewing plumbing through a broad lens of the community need.

Backflow Education

Backflow Training

Catch up on best practices in backflow and water safety anytime, anywhere with e-learning courses and CEU webinars designed to fit your busy schedule.

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The Who, the What, and the Wye

A simple, yet effective device designed to filter out sediment, particulates, and foreign matter in your plumbing or piping system large enough to clog or damage your equipment if left unchecked.

Backflow Incidents That Could Have Been Prevented

It is our responsibility as water professionals to maintain standards and continue to provide communities with safe, potable water.

Top 10 Considerations for Specifying Backflow

A poor choice of backflow preventer can have disastrous consequences for your community, environment, and potentially, your bottom line.

Backflow Basics

It’s critical that we, as knowledgeable and trusted professionals, stay up-to-date on the changing demands of our plumbing systems and do all we can to ensure that our water systems stay safe.

Backflow Preventers Frequently Asked Questions

Complete List of Backflow FAQs

The Watts Family of Brands

For nearly 150 years, Watts has been trusted to innovate solutions on behalf of our customers. Our brands offer a variety of high-quality backflow prevention technologies that protect our potable water supply. Our solutions help our customers prioritize safety, durability, and compliance.


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