Watts Spec Service

We know your time is essential and precious. Watts is here to offer a service to help you update your firms Master and/or Project specifications with the latest products in our portfolio.
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You’ve Got Mail

Our dedicated team is here to deliver complementary, compliant, and compatible plumbing and architectural spec packages to your inbox. Simply contact your local Watts Manufacturers Representative or send us your specs directly to: [email protected]

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Product MasterSpec

Product MasterSpec Library

Save time creating specifications with a full library of categories from Watts including:

  • Valves for fire protection
  • Fire suppression water service piping
  • Domestic water piping and ball valves
  • Drains, piping, and vents
  • Storm drainage
  • Domestic hot water systems
  • Healthcare plumbing fixtures
  • Chemical waste systems
  • Natural gas piping
  • Hydronic and electric radiant systems

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