Rionfuse CF (Clamp-Free) Electrofusion System

Joining System for Polypropylene and PVDF Chemical Waste Pipe and Fittings

Orion Fittings Rionfuse CF™ clamp free electrofusion joining system provides unsurpassed ease of installation and joint strength for acid waste drainage piping.

When ease of installation is a prime consideration, consider the Rionfuse CF (Clamp Free) electrofusion system.

The electrofusion coil is made of heavy gauge wire that is molded right into the Rionfuse coupling. Each coupling is manufactured using state of-the-art robotic technology resulting in a system that is made to the highest possible standards. This system provides a joint strength that is unmatched in the industry. Above all, unlike our competition, the Rionfuse CF joint does not require clamping devices at any time during installation. Each wire terminal is protected with shrouds, which means couplings do not arrive damaged. The serpentine wire configuration and heavy gauge stainless steel wire means strong durable coils that won't break

Check the many features Rionfuse CF™ offers. You'll see why it quickly has become a favorite of engineers and contractors in hundreds of installations around the world.



  • No clamps required
  • Fast and easy installation means lower cost
  • Multiple jointing capabilities and both sides of couplings fuse at the same time, saving labor
  • Positive joints are made in just a few minutes
  • Uses same plain end fittings as our No-Hub system
  • 10' lengths standard (20' sections available)
  • Easily assembled with ordinary hand tools & Rionfuser™ electrofusion machine
  • Strongest joint in the industry.
  • Non-corrosive polypropylene provides excellent resistance to a wide variety of chemicals and acids
  • "State of the art" joining system
  • Joining machine tough and reliable, joint after joint
  • Available in sizes of 1½" - 12"



Rionfuser CF Installation Instructions (EN)


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