Digital Tools for Wholesalers

Now more than ever, Wholesalers are using digital tools to drive demand and stay ahead of the competition. Whether you're ordering product or catching up on the latest offerings, we have the tools you need to keep customers coming.

Driving Demand for Your Products


Watts Works Online

Spruce up on your skills at your own pace from anywhere in the world.
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Data Exchange

Download all basic product information, list prices, and digital assets in different file formats.
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ASN & Sales Order Confirmations

Receive advanced ship notices and real-time sales order confirmation emails.
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Electronic Data Interchange

Sign up for electronic data interchange (EDI) to automate your order processing from Watts.

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Vendor Managed Inventory

Contact a rep to determine if vendor managed inventory is a good fit for your business.

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Quickly access tools, resources, and services for every stage of your project.